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The Grande Prairie Taekwondo School was first established in June 1974. In March of 1975, Master Kwang Soo Kim came to Alberta from Korea and took over the school. Grande Prairie Taekwondo School is different from other martial arts schools because of the quality of instructors we employ. Each member of our staff has earned respect on a provincial – and in two cases, national – level.


Create a website for Grande Prairie Taekwondo School



After playing with different layouts. I used some Taekwondo stock images that will progress as the user navigates to the different pages. I used the black, white, and some touch of orange and grey to guide the eye on each page. The color combines with some silhouette evokes the oriental art.



I worked on the layout design of this Taekwondo website. I was lucky to found these stock pictures for the header. When we navigate we can see the two athletes perform the different Taekwondo postures. I also play with the icons and the colors to bring out and balance the information on the page.

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Grande Prairie Taekwondo


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Website Design, Graphic Design

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Yellow Pages

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