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Juvo app solution offer micro-loan to pre-paid mobile customers when they are short on data or minutes.  Those users can borrow small amounts of money, which allows them to stay connected for longer periods of time. It also gives the unbanked a financial identity and the ability to build up credit over time. 




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Disaster Relief Hackathon Challenge

Create a prototype to help communities affected by Hurricane.
Team: 2 customer success people, 1 product manager, 1 engineer, 1 designer

During a disaster:
A Juvo Lend user can "lend a helping hand" to other Lend users in-network.
Likewise, a Juvo Lend user who is impacted by a disaster can "request a helping hand" if he/she is in need to airtime or a product. The idea is to assist after the most immediate disaster impact is passed and infrastructure begins to come back but the economic impact is still strongly felt by those in certain locations.

Scenario #1 – Lending a Helping Hand
During a disaster, I receive notification that I can contribute to disaster relief by donating airtime (or a product) to those who are impacted by the disaster.
The feature to support this is magically enabled or un-locked in the Juvo Lend app.
I navigate to the new feature and determine what I want to donate. (precondition = I have to be a Juvo Lend user in good standing, I can't have an outstanding loan, and I can only give as much as I am eligible to borrow.)
I submit the donation. It essentially is a loan that is put into a "pool" and applied to someone who requests and is eligible for a helping hand.

Scenario #2 – Requesting a Helping Hand
During a disaster - and based on my proximity to the disaster – I receive notification that I am eligible for a Helping Hand if I need one.
As luck (or bad luck) would have it, a flood or earthquake or storm has made it impossible for me to top-up or purchase a product or get to a bodega, so I open Juvo Lend and I request a helping hand.
My request is vetted by the system to make sure that I qualify (location, good standing, not an outstanding donation, etc)
The top-up or product is applied to my account. This is a "gift" to me and I do not need to repay it.
But I do have an ability to say "thank you" either to a specific individual who donated the airtime / product to me, or in some other way...

Technical considerations:
This would be an extension of existing Juvo Lend functionality – so the user experience would be familiar for both the Giver and the Receiver.
We would use the same carrier API's that we use today – so no investment by the carrier. (This would be only available to people on the same carrier – at least to begin with.)
We would need to figure-out the commercial implications of these transactions.

For Carriers
We can report on the volume and location of givers and requesters – helping them understand the scope of the emergency and how to respond.

For Juvo
We can enable and nurture a community of giving and recovery.
We can learn a lot about users!
Movistar Internacional - Loyalty Rewards
To sweeten the value proposition of using the application, we can give users promotional credits for making purchases within the application. Once the user earns a specific number of credits, they can redeem the credits for a reward.
Game mechanics : user can earn a free purchase after successfully sending 5 paid purchases.
Push Campaigns : users can receive a"nudge" to encourage them to continue making progress against the free top-up reward goal.
Banners/promotions : users sees banners, fullscreen landing pages, promoted product, etc in the app, to alert them to the program.
Game Mechanics
Simple sandwich card style mechanism.
Buy 5, get 1 free. Once the free purchase is collected, the program is expired and hidden from view.
Possible Scenarios (user states):
1) new user, no credits new user, positive credit balance (1-4 credits)
2) new user, free top-up ready to claim (5 credits)
3) return user, no credits
4) return user, positive credit balance
5) new user, free top-up ready to claim (5 credits)

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