Brand Design

Maven Cocktails

Maven is a ready-to-drink vodka-based cocktail infused with ultra-premium wine and natural fruit flavors.
The principal target is urban women who like bars and clubs and gay males.

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Logo Design, Brand Design, Packaging, Graphic Design

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Moxie Method


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Create a logo for the product launch. The logo needs to reflect a mix between sophistication and cool style.



I started with some sketches of what Maven evoke.
- 2-3+ initial logo design options, simply for the name “Maven”
- Typeface selection and treatment recommendations for “Maven”



I worked on a visual combination of a cocktail and wine glass, the result is a very feminine shape. I continue to explore and play with this form, I obtain a new structure which reminds a graphical flower.



Design Direction: the logo evokes a geometric graphic flower, the lettering color is silver and white to be easily seen in the dark light of the bar or club.

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