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InstantSearch+ provide to e-commerce, retail and mobile websites a tool solution to improve on-site search product.


New look and feel for InstantSearch+ website. The client needs a new design that shows in a better way what the product is about and its benefits. The website needs to show the information clearly and be very easy to understand.
Show what the product exactly does, and the benefits for the potential user.



InstantSearch+ is a company which proposes a search engine optimization tool for shop site. Our approach is to propose a very clean and fresh design that enhances the information.



Because the client has started the process of redesigning their brand with a new logo they wanted to make sure to keep all the designs align with the new branding. I collaborate with the UX Designer, our idea was to play with the brand colors, icons, and product pictures to enhance the information on the page. Each row tells a story about the product and the journey of a potential user of the tool engine.



Design Direction: clean, clear, professional. The color palette limit to no more than three colors to keep the consistency all over the pages and not distract the eye.

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Web Design, Graphic Design
Icon illustration

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Moxie Method


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Website before redesign
Website final design
Wireframes made by the UX designer
Color palette and icons

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