Album Artwork

El Hijo de la Cumbia

Cover Artwork for the Argentine Artist El Hijo de la Cumbia. El Hijo de la Cumbia is an Argentine artist, part of the very popular musical movement in Latin America la Nueva Cumbia. He arrived in Europe with his album "Freestyle de Ritmos" released under the label of music ¡Yabasta records!

Client / 

El Hijo de la Cumbia


Role / 

Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, Artwork design

Agency / 

 ¡Yabasta! Records


Year / 



Create the CD artwork new album "Freestyle de Ritmos"


I worked closely with the Art Director, we started with a board of inspirations that include pictures of the artist, existing graphic elements from past cd covers or promotions. We collect elements like colors, typography, symbols. We also gather Cumbia's imagery from traditional costumes to Cumbia's artists' cd cover, leaflet, and video clip. We added some external inspiration like graffitis and murals as well.



We choose 3 visuals directions:
- The abstract direction, is a mix of camouflage pattern combine with Gerwald Rockenschaub's composition and color.

- The mural direction combine with graffiti font

- The comic-book character direction inspire by Jamaican dancehall cover from the artist Wilfred Limonious


We choose the comic-book character direction because it's easy to adapt depending on the support.

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