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GLIDR is the complete innovation portfolio management solution for lean innovation. GLIDR provides the tools required to build, and sustain continuous lean innovation for the enterprise. GLIDR helps you build, measure, learn, validate ideas, to make better decisions.

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Art Direction, 

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Illustration,
Keynote Presentation


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Design the logo and brand identity of Launchpad Central's new web application GLIDR.


For the visual elements of the brand, we wanted to emphasize the more direct implications of the business. We aimed to convey velocity, growth, and momentum in a minimalistic, sleek way. We choose the glider as a metaphor to represent the product. GLIDR appeals to all three personas (team, middle management, and senior leaders) because of the ability to achieve a sense of direction, navigate altitude (perspective), and natural forces, combined with a sense of freedom.


After a brainstorming session about GLIDR's main benefits, characteristics, and values we defined the personality traits, and a brand story to create a foundation to introduce creative direction.
I started with a large exploration of what the primary idea could be. I sketched a large number of shapes from literal to very abstract concepts.
An abstract shape enabled more flexibility, liberty, and can be universal, and timeless.


The symbol is very simple, identifiable, and minimalistic. It represents the abstract triangular shape of a glider. The lines add rhythm by evoking the air (natural forces that help navigate, maintaining altitude, a multi-level view (short and long-term perspectives), a sense of direction, motion (exploring ideas), and freedom (make innovation, and collaboration open, free, and agile).

For the typeface, I used a customizable version of Andis-Light. Combined with the glider symbol, the font adds function, expression, and a touch of humanity.
The logo communicates GLIDR's values; free, open, and agile. We also wanted to communicate our intention to enable innovation through the exploration of ideas via testing, and validation.
The vibrant bright color palette induces warm and friendly energy, suggested by making connections, and collaborations.
The colorful palette conveys dynamism, and energy implied by constant adaptation.

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