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Juvo partners with Millicom Latin America. Juvo’s technology is being used by Millicom in its Tigo Shop app, accessed by prepaid users in Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Bolivia and Honduras to buy service packages, as well as managing balances to activate additional voice, messaging and data.




Role / 
UI/UX Designer

Timeline / 

July - Aug 2020


Tigo is experiencing a decline in revenue due to fewer visits to physical, point of sale locations. Therefore they would like to enable Tigo employees to serve as a point of sale agents using a new application, they’re calling it “Tigo Mobile Agent”. 

Tigo wants to enable a new mobile (portable) agent service, In response to the quarantines associated with Covid-19. The service would help people (consumers) to get access to the top-ups/core balance needed in a world where going to the local bodega to pay cash for a top-up is no longer possible. Instead, a new network of agents can assist people by transferring funds from their balance to the customer in exchange for cash. This network will initially start with actual Tigo employees but possibly extend to a much larger group of trusted agents. You could imagine the doorman, concierge, or receptionist at any building being part of this network, and therefore a primary node for performing these services for people.

We’ll be building this application using the Ionic framework (open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies with integrations for popular frameworks like Angular and React) to allow for multi-platform distribution. We have the flexibility to use React or Angular, as long as it is built in the ionic framework. The initial release will target Guatemala.

There are 3 requirements:

1. Authentication with TigoID
Similar to the other Tigo products, users will verify their phone number using the TigoID OAuth protocol.

2. Whitelist gating
Only pre-approved users will be able to authenticate with the app. all other users will see a message to apply/request access.

3. Transaction types supported

  • Top-up self (user can select from a pre-formatted amount selection, or write un a custom amount to top-up)

  • Transfer Balance (user can transfer their core balance to any other prepaid Tigo user)

4. Payment methods supported

  • Credit Card (user can enter in a new credit card as a payment option)

  • Tigo Money (user can pay with their Tigo Money wallet)

5. Special Commissions for Agents
Provide extra value to the agent as an incentive to use this program in the form of 5% commission on every self top-up.

User Goal

User - Have an convenient way to transfer money to Tigo prepaid user
Product - Provide good onboarding experience, help user to self top-up and transfer funds  
Business - Save on acquisition cost, improved relationship with customer

Who is the user?
Tigo employees

What is their goal?
Transfer money from their balance to a prepaid Tigo user

What are the steps the user needs to take to achieve that goal?
1. Login via Tigo ID
2. Add money to their balance (Self Top-Up)
3. Select amount to transfer

4. Scan recipient ID card
5. Add the recipient phone number
6. Confirm transaction

User journey

Task flow


Homepage exploration 

First time user, empty states exploration 

Onboarding exploration 

Flow diagram


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